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The Only Thing You Need to Know About Impeachment

Tue 15 Oct, 2019

 The Only Thing You Need to Know About Impeachment

The latest polls are in Team Griffin and America is waking up. Over half of the American population wants to see Trump impeached —  and removed from office.  

Even his army is turning against him. Even the most racist bigot of a Trump supporter who is still a patriot will agree….snitches get proverbial stitches.

The genocide happening to our Kurdish allies in northern Syria is happening because of a dirty deal Trump’s made with Turkey. (The Kurds helped us fight ISIS!) Now Trump’s personal news media company, Fox News, and some members of the Republican Party are finally beginning to OBJECT to his traitorous bullshit. WE DON’T PLAY THAT.

Trump is still singing the same sad song about the Bidens, but there is literally no basis and NO EVIDENCE to prove anything that he is saying. Nothing can or will distract us from the fact that it is over for this mutha fucka. 

Marie Yovanovitch’s 10-hour testimony last Friday to a joint House of Representatives subcommittee only added another nail in the proverbial  coffin. 

Yovanovitch is the former US ambassador to Ukraine.  She testified that some of American’s most loyal and trusted civil servants are “running” for the door due to the behavior of this Administration. And she confirms that Trump has flagrantly undermined U.S. foreign policy and completely shat on his loyalty to this country. Loyalty that many question ever existed at this point. 

Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, briefly spoke to reporters after ex-ambassador Yovanovitch’s deposition ended. He said:

“I think she’s been a model diplomat who deserves better than the shabby treatment she received from this President and Secretary of State, so I think we’re all deeply in her debt for representing the country so well around the world and for so long.” He continued, “I want to express my appreciation for not just what a great champion she was for the rule of law in Ukraine, but also the respect she has for the rule of law here at home.”

So it seems this Presidency has been about no one but Trump himself. He clearly does not stand by his oath or the basic but imperative boundaries that must stay in place in order to remain the Leader of the “Free” World.  He treats all federal staff, agencies, and gatekeepers like expendable pawns unless they do his evil bidding or look the other way while he commits impeachable acts in front of dozens of witnesses.

Another victory against Agent Orange is that he is way down in the presidential polls (even FOX News has admitted it). Any one of the top three Democratic candidates (Biden, Warren or Sanders) could beat him if the election were held today… though it’s unlikely Trump will make it to the election and this point.

No matter what happens in Washington with this Impeachment Inquiry here’s the ONLY MUTHA FUCKIN THING YOU NEED TO KNOW:

Republicans can’t win unless they cheat.  

And Democrats can win unless they VOTE.

So VOTE on Tuesday November 3, 2020 and then all of our bases will be covered and the Orange Avenger will be OUT this bitch!!!!! 


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