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Black Caucus Has Had Enough, Impeachment is the Word!

Black Caucus Has Had Enough,...

Mon 28 Aug, 2017

There is no surprise to hear that the Black Caucus plans to make major moves to impeach Trump. His comments and actions over Charlottesville were the last straw of no fucking straws anyway. I was infuriated to see him take to Twitter with no cultural sensitivity at all, defending landmarks that are a pure representation […] read more
Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Gwendolyn Brooks

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of...

Fri 11 Aug, 2017

If you have never heard of Miss Gwendolyn Brooks, you gone learn today. She was a poet and is a gem in black history as the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize. The circumstances surrounding her story make her accomplishment even more astounding. See when Gwendolyn got the call to inform her of […] read more
How Obama Impacted and is Still Impacting America

How Obama Impacted and is...

Wed 26 Jul, 2017

While trying to compile a list of the positive changes that Obama made during his presidency, I realized it would be too long for one blog post to handle. The man and his wife worked their asses off. They fought hard when the Republicans gave them no slack. They underwent and traversed so many false  […] read more
African Heritage Diet Pyramid

African Heritage Diet Pyramid

Sun 18 Jun, 2017

Questions remain about what the ideal food selection should look like for African Americans. We continue to contract high rates of the same shit we have been complaining about for years such as diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately if we don’t make moves, we will be adding cancer to that pile. Why? How you ask? […] read more
Epic Rise in Hate Crimes Under a Culturally Insensitive and Deranged POTUS

Epic Rise in Hate Crimes...

Mon 12 Jun, 2017

I am troubled and sickened by the amount of African American blood that was spilled during the month of May 2017. The most recent victim was Richard W. Collins III, who was just days away from his college graduation. This highly decorated man of service, who was about to dedicate his life to the protection […] read more
Self Care in this Tumultuous Political Climate

Self Care in this Tumultuous...

Thu 08 Jun, 2017

Team Griffin… this shit is pretty fucked up right now. And if you are like me and care about the future of you and your family in this country, these times can be a bit stressful and whether you see it or even feel it, such stress can take its toll on your body and […] read more
Death by Trumpcare

Death by Trumpcare

Mon 08 May, 2017

There is not really much to say about this attack towards humanity and more specifically WOMANHOOD. Under Trumpcare, the millions of people who finally acquired healthcare under Obama’s Affordable Care Act will most likely lose it due to premium prices going up. Don’t let the language fool you. Trump is offering a tax cut instead […] read more
Tips to Proactively Prevent Common Illnesses Found Amongst African Americans

Tips to Proactively Prevent Common...

Mon 01 May, 2017

If you are like me Team Griffin, you want to be around a long time, not only to enjoy life, but to spend as much time with your family as possible. To be able to care and provide for them as long as possible. And when you do reach a certain age of maturity, you […] read more
Jordan Peele, Strategically, Tastefully and Bluntly Sticks it to Racism with No Apologies!

Jordan Peele, Strategically, Tastefully and...

Fri 31 Mar, 2017

Get Out, his Hitchcock-ian Psychological Thriller Outsold most films you will see this year and brutally attacked racial injustice at the same damn time! Jordan proves that American audiences are not as dumb and sheltered as the studio executives may think. We do want to see sharp, intelligent, socially relevant films. And if the attendance […] read more
Diving Deep into Trumps Immigration Orders, and How They Differ from the Obama Administration

Diving Deep into Trumps Immigration...

Mon 06 Mar, 2017

Many of Trumps orders find an overlap in the area of immigration. Whether they have to do with border control or law enforcement. Previously we discussed the issue of deportation. Now I will take a step back and look through a wider lens at how this will change the lives of many immigrants in this […] read more

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