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Democrats Drop Articles of Impeachment, Karen Bass Weighs In

Mon 16 Dec, 2019

 Democrats Drop Articles of Impeachment, Karen Bass Weighs In

Last Tuesday shit got real real for the Orange Avenger. The democrats unveiled the articles of impeachment. Now you may be asking what the fuck does that mean Eddie? Well I’m gone tell you. This mutha fucka could ACTUALLY be impeached in the next few weeks! At this stage of the impeachment democrats and republicans will vote to give Trump the justice he deserves! Given the size of the Democratic majority in the chamber, the odds of the president being impeached are damn good.

The matter would then head to the Republican-led Senate for an impeachment trial in which a two-thirds majority – 67 votes – would be necessary to remove Trump from office. Now some wonder why the democrats are only focusing on the 2 very specific articles they unveiled, mostly surrounding the activity with the Ukraine? Why not the other million fucked up things that this idiot has done. Well congresswoman Karen Bass does a great job of breaking that down for y’all plain and simple and I put that link below. To summarize it for you, the judiciary committee, the committee that will be presenting the grounds for impeachment, has chosen to focus on the foul play with the Ukraine because its like catching “a bank robber with the bag of money in his hands” Bass says. Trump was trying to steal the 2020 election. He was making deals with the devil to secure the election illegally. And we have all the receipts to prove it. Rather than play around with hypotheticals, it makes more sense to go for the throat and use the situations to impeach that have him caught red handed. Literally. Now is there a chance that the president could get impeached and still stay in office? Unfortunately, yes! How fucked up is that. This is America.  However, that WOULD force us to make changes in the house, and get the necessary democrats we need in seats. On the other hand, if the democrats are able to push a secret ballot forward, so these coward ass republicans can vote without Trump knowing who they are, this could go in our favor quickly. And a complete impeachment could happen. The fact is, republicans know this idiot is guilty. They are just scared of being bullied and so don’t want to speak the fuck up. But trust, when this house of cards falls, Trump will not have an orange, red, white, or blue leg to stand on. EG

Link to Karen Bass Breaking Down the Impeachment Process Moving Forward


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