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Feeding The Frontline Healthcare Workers During the Pandemic

Feeding The Frontline Healthcare Workers...

Tue 14 Apr, 2020

Last week my brother from another mother Darin Feinstein, myself and former NBA Pro Marcus Banks packed and delivered 200 meals to frontline healthcare workers at MountainView Hospital in Las Vegas, NV.   El Dorado Cantina Tivoli Village donated the meals to the staff (not just the medical personnel) to show appreciation for all the […] read more
Helping Each Other Get Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Helping Each Other Get Through...

Wed 18 Mar, 2020

Well, well, well.  Looks like something finally happened to put the brakes on the lying, blustering Agent Orange in the Whitehouse: A worldwide PANDEMIC called the Coronavirus.   First, we were told it was a “Democratic hoax.”  Then we were told that it would “magically disappear” on its own. With over 180,000 cases reported around […] read more
Eddie Griffin Speaks On Mental Illness and the New HBO Robin Williams Documentary

Eddie Griffin Speaks On Mental...

Tue 10 Jul, 2018

Recently I witnessed an incredible must see documentary by HBO titled Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind. Every comedian that calls themselves a comedian should watch this film. We spend our lives making people laugh… but when the curtains close, and that spotlight goes dark, sometimes we just need someone to talk to where we […] read more
African Heritage Diet Pyramid

African Heritage Diet Pyramid

Sun 18 Jun, 2017

Questions remain about what the ideal food selection should look like for African Americans. We continue to contract high rates of the same shit we have been complaining about for years such as diabetes and heart disease. Unfortunately if we don’t make moves, we will be adding cancer to that pile. Why? How you ask? […] read more

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