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Why Jet Blue Should Not Have Apologized.

Sat 23 Mar, 2019

 Why Jet Blue Should Not Have Apologized.

“In reality, armed struggle historically has been used by people to liberate themselves… But the question lies in when do people use armed struggle… There were people [in the BLA] who absolutely took the position that it was just time to resist, and if black people didn’t start to fight back against police brutality and didn’t start to wage armed resistance, we would be annihilated. -Assata Shakur

Shout out to Jet Blue for honoring some controversial but powerful people during Black History Month. I would like to double honor Assata Shakur with whom they caught major heat for elevating. Now, if we as Americans, Black American’s specifically can deal with that fact that we have been shat on, publicly executed, humiliated, systematically oppressed, and can still find it in our souls not to wild the fuck out every day, I think y’all ought to be able to understand that at the time this woman was freedom fighting and being convicted, law enforcement was killing us at a much larger rate. We had no “rights”, we were being slain in alleys, our women were being attacked and abused openly. With no remorse, and with no apologies. So, yes, many of the people we honor in our Black History have a little blood on their hands. They were resisting evil and fighting for their lives and the rights of their families. They were using the same tactics being used against them by civilians and officials alike. However it will never, ever, ever ever ever compare to the ocean of blood running through American History full of the casualties of black people. So please, ole righteous ones, Im sorry for the loss of your loved one, but are you sorry for the loss of my loved one-thousands. If you are, I still don’t see it or feel it. All I see and feel is the selective ass memories of entitled white people who still don’t realize the privilege on which they stand and look down upon and dismember those who built their pedestal. Wake the fuck up. – E.G.

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