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The ROC steps up for Justice.

Mon 24 Jun, 2019

 The ROC steps up for Justice.

Team Griffin! 

Good deeds continue to shed light in a dark f*cked up society.  As you may know at the end of May a black couple was stopped, harassed and flagrantly violently abused by two Phoenix police officers. 

The couple’s child was accused of stealing a 99 cent doll from the dollar store so the police were called and they proceeded to hunt the family down, pull them over and publicly torture the couple and their children!

Using guns, racial obscenities, excessive force, violence; they attacked this couple that was CLEARLY not resisting in any way.

Now I can say CLEARLY they were not resisting because the footage was released and you can SEE the abuse and the violence clear as day.  And it’s clear any talking the parents were doing was to protect their INFANT and CHILD. 

The cops went as far as to lay hands on the children and wave guns in their faces.  It was complete f*ckin evil and uncalled for.

Now the police chief, a black woman by the name of Jeri Williams, gave these bastards desk duty?!  DESK DUTY!!

Hell mutha f*ckin nah! You know we ain’t standing for that.

Phoenix locals are fighting back and bringing to light that this is one in a string of f*cked up incidents. Some of which have ended in the unlawful and tragic death of black people. This shit continues to go too far with no justice. With no punishment for the abusers.

Meanwhile, they are finding that many of the officers who have acted inappropriately in the field have taken to their face book pages in the past and present bragging about their racist violent evil behavior -posting racist, violent memes and jokes about Black and Mexican people, women etc. And this is a trend from Phoenix to Philadelphia. 

This has got to stop, we have got to get these ignorant, racist, gun slinging cowboys out of our police departments.

Time for the good deed part, the silver lining if you will. 

Jay-Z’s ROC nation has stepped up and provided council for this couple to be able to sue for 10 million dollars – for the emotional and physical damage done not only to the adults, but also their traumatized children.

ROC nation has made it possible for them to have solid representation for free. What a blessing! Those f*cking police will finally have to pay for recklessly abusing their authority and shitting on people who cannot defend themselves. 

I hope they get all that money and an apology because that’s the least they deserve. 


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