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The Debates and Why Democrats are Passionate About Black Issues

Tue 06 Aug, 2019

 The Debates and Why Democrats are Passionate About Black Issues

I don’t know if you noticed Team Griffin, but the democratic debates are full of Black Issues, African American Issues, and Issues regarding people of color.

Whatever the verbiage or sugar coating being used, politicians seem all of the sudden to be concerned about black and brown issues and oppression. Now don’t get it twisted, some of the candidates have been about this life for a while. Marianne Williamson for example has been on the reparations boat for years now, and strongly believes this country will never be able to hold its head high until the debt to slaves and to their descendants is paid.

And I fucking agree.

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris also have solid records with helping disenfranchised people of color. But what about the other candidates? Why are they “so woke” all of the sudden?
I’ll tell you why, BECAUSE YOUR VOTE COUNTS and they need it to win the primary, and ultimately the election.

The black voter is one of the most ignited voters in the country right now. The black woman in particular has been showing up to the ballot box in record numbers these past few major elections.

We are out voting everybody and our numbers are growing every election. And now, our fellow Americans with heart, who [cough!] have been sleeping, are UNDENIABLY AWARE that rampant racism is thriving in this country. Most people of all races want to see someone in the White House who actually gives a fuck about oppressed people.

Do not sleep! Our vote and voice is important. If these candidates want to make us the focus of their campaigns, then we must hold them accountable for their words, and make sure they at least attempt to execute their promises.

Get involved Team Griffin. Do your research. Know the candidates so you can make an informed decision about who will represent you in the upcoming Presidential election.

I will continue the dialogue by sharing information on the individual candidates, but don’t wait for me… Arm yourself with knowledge.


The third set of Democratic debates will be held on Sept. 12 and Sept. 13 in Houston.


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  • Latonya

    Thanks Eddie…. I stay on top of it and always love your deliverance on it….. Woke

  • Carmen Yancy

    I totally agree with you research, watch debates, kmow the history because everyone is trying to get your vote. #Flint= Water/Dilapidated Schools, #Police Brutality, Homelessness, #Gerrymanderingetc. Vote.

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