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Self Care in this Tumultuous Political Climate

Thu 08 Jun, 2017

 Self Care in this Tumultuous Political Climate

Team Griffin… this shit is pretty fucked up right now. And if you are like me and care about the future of you and your family in this country, these times can be a bit stressful and whether you see it or even feel it, such stress can take its toll on your body and your vitality. So, in an effort to be well so we can better serve our families and the communities that need us, here are some ways to stay — not just woke — but well in these trying times.

Walk away from the screen: know your boundaries and don’t spend too much time absorbed in the news and social media. Negative thoughts and feelings manifest in the physical, and if you are constantly being stimulated by subject matter that gets you livid, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Set time limits on how much new and current events you take in and make sure you are spending the same amount of time, if not more time, watching and tending to things that make you feel good and happy and hopeful.

Eat well, get exercise, drink water, and sleep: These foundational touchstones of self-care are more important than ever right now. If you choose to engage in activism or discussion, you need to go above and beyond in making sure you prioritize life’s essentials. If you are dehydrated and hungry the chances of you wanting to say, think, or act in a harmful way will increase. The wear and tear will show and mentally you will not be able to face the intensity of the season.

Balance harmful experiences with helpful exercises: Be intentional. Proactively identify activities, people and practices that help you recover when you feel frustrated or stressed. For you this may mean visiting a museum or attending a concerts. Maybe meditating or practicing yoga… Know your tools and know when to use them. And don’t hesitate to set time aside for self-care. As soon as you are feeling angry, depressed, or oppressed for that matter, take action!

Build Community: Support is imperative. Don’t spend your days and nights isolated on Twitter ranting about all that is wrong. Get out and around friends, family and loved ones that help you feel inspired and supported. And don’t just gossip about the negative, be balanced in your speech, talk about the positive highlights of your day and week. Discuss the things that are going right. Encourage each other and edify one another in your strengths. It takes a village to be sane — now more than ever.

These are just a few ways to keep our minds and hearts out of the gutter and stay focused on the blessings we have still have. Don’t let this season in America break you down. May it make you more resilient, creative, and self-loving.

Stay well, stay woke!

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