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President Downplays Homegrown Terrorism Before Midterm Elections

Wed 31 Oct, 2018

 President Downplays Homegrown Terrorism Before Midterm Elections

President Trump and the Treasonous Republican Party (TRP) is whipping up their base by focusing on a US bound migrant caravan of asylum seekers traveling across Mexico.  The crazy thing is, migrant asylum seekers have been traveling through Mexico for the past 20 years, but Trump and his Fox News cohorts are framing it as something “new” and an “imminent threat” to our national security. 

According to the AP Trump is militarizing the border as we speak and trying to scare us into believing that this is the reason why we need to “build a Wall” and vote Republican in the Midterm elections.

Meanwhile, homegrown terrorists are killing innocent black and Jewish citizens on our soil and Trump does nothing about it.

Why is Trump and the TRP focusing on poor disenfranchised asylum seekers (who aren’t even in our country) instead of the racist, domestic terrorists actually killing US Citizens?  

Because creating fear of black and brown people “invading the US” is how they keep their poor white base voting for them and for policies that only serve the rich.

The only way to win this fight is by showing up at the polls next Tuesday November 6th and voting out the dirty ass Republican congressmen and women who aid and abet Trumps and his minions. 

Here are the 10 MOST IMPORTANT senate races that we need to win on Tuesday:

West Virginia
North Dakota

Let’s take care of business next Tuesday Team Griffin.  

Stay Woke.


Learn the truth about the migrant caravan here:


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