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Native American Voter Suppression in Key Battle Ground State

Fri 19 Oct, 2018

 Native American Voter Suppression in Key Battle Ground State

The Supreme Court just decided in a 6 to 2 vote to leave in place a North Dakota state law that requires residents to provide an ID displaying a residential address rather than a P.O. box number in order to vote in the November 6 midterm elections.

Why does this matter and how is this voter suppression?  

Because Native Americans on reservations in North Dakota are NOT ISSUED street addresses, but P.O. boxes numbers, and that is what they have on their ID cards.

These same Native Americans are also likely to vote for Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp, in a race that could decide the entire fate of the U.S. Senate this November.

Republicans currently hold a slim majority in the Senate, and they are trying every dirty tactic possible to maintain complete hegemony on our government.

Tribal officials are fighting back and will stand outside polling stations on November 6 with laptops and access to rural address software so they can create addresses on the spot for those who need them on Election Day.

If you don’t live in North Dakota, and are not Native American, why does this news matter to you?

Because your vote, in your district is just as important as the votes they are trying to suppress in North Dakota.

Younger voters, black voters, and those who have not traditionally voted are going to decide the fate of the US Senate and this country in two weeks, so if you think you’re vote doesn’t count, think again.

Voting is the one civil right that separates free people from slaves. Not exercising this right is a slave’s mentality, so fuck that shit.

Get to the polls on November 6 Team Griffin.

Stay woke.


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