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NASA’s Search for Habitable Planets Continues

Mon 09 Sep, 2019

 NASA’s Search for Habitable Planets Continues

Don’t be so quick to laugh at NASA’s mission to find other habitable planets cause fuck, if Trump is re-elected, we need somewhere else to go… 

Okay, gon’ laugh cause we know that’s not happening; but still, NASA is discovering new planets that might support human life.

The Kepler mission discovered a planet about 10 percent larger than the Earth (they’re calling it Kepler 186F) and it orbits a star that is cooler and dimmer than the sun (its brightest time of day is about earth’s sunset level of light).  

Kepler 186F could in fact have liquid water on its surface, though it may be more rocky than planet Earth. NASA has yet to confirm the mass and density of the planet, but they’re working on it.

NASA also discovered two planets that appear to be “twins.” They were detected orbiting Teegarden’s Star, a fly red dwarf less than 13 light-years away from earth. At a minimum, both planets weigh in at about 1.1 times the mass of Earth.

Although the heft of the “twins” is comparable to Earth’s, their other characteristics are unknown. For example Planet b, is so close to Teegarden’s Star, that it completes one orbit in under five days (a “year”)… Yet it still might be habitable despite its close proximity. 

Planet c, with an orbit of about 11-1/2 days, falls more “comfortably” within the star’s habitable zone, (i.e., the distance that could allow liquid water on the surface.)

Listen, don’t pack your bags just yet. But free your mind and THINK.

If we found another planet comparable to earth that supports human life, it would help address so much shit we’ve fucked up: overpopulation, economics, climate change…

And remember this: every advance ever made in science was at one time considered crazy and impossible.  

So onwards and forwards NASA.  Do yo’ thang. 


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