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Justice for All

Tue 20 Aug, 2019

 Justice for All

Ok Team Griffin, do not be distracted by people committing suicide while on suicide watch.. that is a purposeful distraction from the White House targeting LEGAL immigrants.

You heard me right, the White House has put people in their proverbial crosshairs who were born here or have ALL their legal immigration status paperwork signed sealed and delivered with a stamp of approval to be deported.

Legal citizens of the United States of America who have fought in wars, raised families, paid taxes to be deported to countries they’ve never stepped foot in – but get this – brown people only.

They aren’t targeting European immigrants, just brown skinned immigrants.

Passing laws to deport our brothers and sisters while folks are being distracted by daily news on an “alleged” pedophile who committed “suicide.”

This “public-charge” rule would penalize immigrants seeking American citizenship for using public benefits.

To add insult to injury they are bashing The Statue of Lady Liberty and everything she stands for. They are saying that the words etched into the monument should be changed and are no longer accurate. Pontificating that we don’t want to take in the disenfranchised and give them a space to grow and thrive. Proclaiming that America no longer invites the poor or the weak.

Where is the freedom, liberty, and justice in that?

And their excuse is that immigrants are using up our free government resources and aid.

Well that’s a lie! Immigrants only make up around 6 percent of Medicaid users and around 9 percent of people on EBT.

What they are confirming is the so called principles American was founded on never meant shit.

Educate yourself Team Griffin, know what’s up and all times, because the day will come when you have to fight this evil with your voice and your vote. So you have to stay ready. And stay woke. 



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  • Sir Artie Thomas Shaw Jr America Crown Prince Apparent

    You are 100% right I succeeded the states and 2012 google it Artie Thomas Shaw Jr succession land maps. They trying to stop the only person who can make changes world wide because I’m Black in color but I’m America Sovereign Absolute help me to help you all expose the truth King Artie 2 nd & 1st by the Grace of God He whom was last is now First God save the King

  • Raul Perez

    Super dope!
    Thank you for your support Eddie!
    I appreciate you bringing attention to our struggle under this racist administration.Thank you for speaking out when so many other comedians stay silent.

  • Aida

    It does have a lot to do with the pedophile ring. Trump and his coke head son(s) are part of this ring that these immigrants were targeted and abused by them (and fellow disposable income status child rapists they’re protecting). I received a threat from them a few years ago and I told them I was a Vet and all my paper works were in order. The Coke head, wanted to place everyone under mind control (including Obama) cause his father was African, so as this idiot kept running his dumber then dumb ideas by me I told him he would have to place Trump under the same conditions cause his mother was an immigrant. If all this is real then we will be a nation under sever debt and possibly will have more fines from breaking Geneva Convention Laws and other problems that will follow along. These idiots really need to be exposed and need to step down.

  • ALF

    One thing I can tell you as someone that works in social services. Brown people especially latino and Asian female immigrants help their own. They never extend a helping hand to help a black female get hired or promoted unless it’s a position that will pay way less than them and will require them to nick pick and micromanage a sister. I’m telling you there’s competition amongst brown females against black females. I’m not sure about the men. We have enough colorism and tribalism in our own community and now for the past 15-20 years we’ve been dealing new prejudices from immigrants. Don’t get me wrong, no one deserves to be treated like crap and deported but black people don’t d
    Need anyone else looking down on us.

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