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Jordan Peele, Strategically, Tastefully and Bluntly Sticks it to Racism with No Apologies!

Fri 31 Mar, 2017

 Jordan Peele, Strategically, Tastefully and Bluntly Sticks it to Racism with No Apologies!

Get Out, his Hitchcock-ian Psychological Thriller Outsold most films you will see this year and brutally attacked racial injustice at the same damn time!

Jordan proves that American audiences are not as dumb and sheltered as the studio executives may think. We do want to see sharp, intelligent, socially relevant films. And if the attendance and buzz behind “GetOut” does not prove that, then nothing else will.

When interviewed, Jordan states he really wanted to make a Horror film that addressed racism in America, because racism itself is a Horror
and as well as a life altering disturbance to those that have to endure it.

Jordan said he wanted to fill the gap where there is a lack of conversation and ownership of this issue, yet at the same time he leaves
a lot to the mind and thoughts of the viewer so they are able to interpret what it means to them.

However, one thing is crystal clear and needs no interpretation. These characters are racist as fuck.

Using games, innuendos, and not so subtle symbolism, Peele addresses the slave trade, The lust for the black mansphysicality,
The intentional attack of the black man, the women of other races and so much more.

He takes a chapter from every page in Black Racism and allows it to unravel on the screen.

(Spoiler alert) For instance, when the Hero of the movie, Chris, frees himself by picking the cotton out of the chair he is being held hostage
in and uses that cotton to free himself from bondage. The smallest details make such a huge statement.

We also see his “girlfriend” at the end of the film “hunting” for black pro athletes while sipping a glass of milk and eating fruit loops
dry out of the bowl, symbolizing her distaste for mixing diverse cultures with the pure white race; these subtle yet overt nuances are infinite throughout the film.

Hats off to Mr. Peele and this body of work. He really shows class and balls. He wrote and directed a film he believed in and was able to
shed new light on the archaic and evil institution of racism.

And he did it by going high. He create art that out sold and out witted the competition. This is an incredible example of how we rise
and stand up for ourselves in this country while maintaining our royal nature and honorable power.

If you have not seen Get Out, do yourself a favor; Get Up, Get Out and Go See it!

Stay Woke vs Sunken Place = Your choice!

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