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How Urban Gardens are Saving the Planet

Tue 08 Oct, 2019

 How Urban Gardens are Saving the Planet

Look Team Griffin; we are in an environmental and social climate that quite bluntly is fckd up! We are in danger of extinction if we don’t start to give a real active fck about our communities and how we treat the planet.

If you are looking for a way to give back and be the change locally, one easy and impactful way it to support a local urban garden.

“Community gardens can help reduce negative environmental impacts by promoting sustainable agriculture; reducing food transportation costs and reducing water runoff. Humans, plants and animals can all benefit from urban agriculture since it creates habitats and improves the ecology of the area.”

You can donate, you can volunteer, shit, you can create one! Community gardens are feeding people in need, cleaning the air. Providing jobs and a safe space for youth to thrive among many other things so get involved! Check out below in detail how these gardens are making a difference, find one, and support!


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