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Eddie Griffin Celebrates a Milestone Birthday

Thu 26 Jul, 2018

 Eddie Griffin Celebrates a Milestone Birthday

Team Griffin,

A week ago I celebrated a milestone birthday with my friends, family, and some of my loved ones here In Las Vegas. 

Birthdays always remind me not to take anything for granted and to keep focused on the things and people who really matter.

Thank you to my team, and to my fans who show me love no matter what day it is.

Life is good. God is Great.



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  • Lady

    Happy Blessed Birthday! I just celebrated my birthday too! My husband and I attempted to see your show in Las Vegas earlier this week (July 23rd). We rushed from our Hotel once we learned you were performing. Arrived around 8:45pm to purchase tickets but were told by the guy at the door we were too late, box office closed. We knew we were late and had missed quite a bit but we were still willing to pay and laugh with you even if it were only a few minutes. ☹We will definitely plan ahead next time. I’m sure it was a great show.

  • Mary

    Happy Birthday!

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