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Diving Deep into Trumps Immigration Orders, and How They Differ from the Obama Administration

Mon 06 Mar, 2017

 Diving Deep into Trumps Immigration Orders, and How They Differ from the Obama Administration

Many of Trumps orders find an overlap in the area of immigration. Whether they have to do with border control or law enforcement. Previously we discussed the issue of deportation.

Now I will take a step back and look through a wider lens at how this will change the lives of many immigrants in this country. While under many of Trumps orders you are seeing more leniency and less vetting, in the area of immigration it is just the opposite.

One of the biggest differences between the Trump and Obama Administration is the level of crime that puts an immigrant on radar for deportation.

Under Obama, only high-risk criminals, felons, etc. would show up in the system for deportation. And so for the average immigrant it was very difficult to be detected, therefore they were given enough time to do what they needed to do to apply for citizenship when they were able or get the results of their request for asylum. Under the new regulations someone could be detected from a parking ticket. They could have lived here for 6 years, jay walk, and be deported they next day. Furthermore, under the former administration the border was much more lax, due to the lack of space to hold immigrants they were often released into the US temporarily to await trial and what have not at which point again they had time to get their ducks in a row or disappear into the country and again if they did not rock the boat be able to establish a life for themselves and their families.

Under Trump immigrants not even from Mexico could be sent to Mexico or wherever border control sees fit. They will be immediately and ungracefully kicked out.

One of the most sensitive matters on the table in regards to immigration is how children attempting to cross the border by themselves will be treated. “Some 750,000 people who were brought into the country as children were issued work permits and temporary protection from deportation under an Obama program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Even President Trump said that…the subject “is very, very difficult” for him and that he promised to “deal with DACA with heart. So far, the Trump administration has left the program alone.”

Can you imagine, all of these young people are able to receive access to a new safe life, and to tear that away from them in my opinion would be a monstrous act.

Finally, Trumps changes will make it even more difficult to obtain citizenship, as he will allow various agencies to share information across the board about immigrants on file. While before their privacy was protected and all info was kept in house, if these file are now open, it may reveal some of their past trials and obstacles and may cause their right to a life in this country to disappear.

I understand, if some one is a vicious ax murderer, yeah I believe you should let someone know that immediately. However if you red flag someone because they paid their taxes late, you are doing too much in my not so humble opinion. And wrecking the possibility of a better life for a struggling human being.

So how do we push back?

One dope new resource is the ACLU, you can join and get involved in a local chapter, they will educate you and equip you to fight back, and you wont be alone, you will have the numbers and the mass of the ACLU behind you.

They have a passion for immigrants and immigration law. They have the power and knowledge and backing of politicians, they are a force to be reckoned with in your community.

You can also go to their site and get info on all of the laws and all of your rights. We don’t say knowledge is power for no reason.

We have to know what we are defending.

Find their link below, get involved, and stay woke!


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