Do You Want That Subway Sandwich with a Side of Codeine?

Published on : Thu 19 Jan, 2017

Posted By : Sylvia Hillman

Did you know the FDA officially married Big Pharma back in February? And it looks like Trump intends to keep the suspect relationship afloat.

Hide your wife and hide your kids or at the very least guard their choices in medical treatment and nutrition for the next few years.

The current commissioner of the FDA has the strongest ties to Big Pharmacies that we have seen in years. He has a reputation for pushing and passing dangerous drugs and taking thousands of dollars from huge companies for his "consulting" work.

His name is Robert Califf and he's probably the first in a long line of FDA heads that have heavy and deep ties with big Pharm companies. 

Food and Drug Administration? How are you going to be food AND drugs? You're either proficient at food or proficient at drugs, you can't be both! That's like a Dope dealer saying, you want a eight ball? or a sandwich? I'm food and drugs.

There seems to be a trend developing of loosening regulations on the drugs and products that are approved for the market, and with both Trump's potential FDA heads looking just as suspect as the current, there's no sign of this trend slowing down.

The government agency that is supposed to guard the American people's health and look out for their best interests may be most interested in guarding and enriching its own pockets.

One of Trump's potential candidates, Jim O'Neil, actually wanted to do away with the testing/vetting of new drugs and products by getting them on the shelves before we know if they are harmful or truly effective.  He also wanted to heavily dilute regulations for approval. Not to mention he's the managing director, at Mithril Capital Management, a venture firm founded by Peter Thiel to promote "risky" medical research. So the conflict of interests are glaring.

Trump's other candidate, Balaji Srinivasan, is also a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Similar to O'Neill in more ways than one; he is not a scientist, but rather CEO of Bitcoin Start-Up 

He recently erased a slew of tweets from his twitter account that were harshly attacking the FDA for all its regulations. He deleted these tweets right after his meeting with Trump. He seems to think we don’t need the FDA, that we should be able to purchase

pretty much whatever drugs and products we want based on the opinions of random individuals and doctors. He tweeted in 2014 that "we can do vastly better than FDA w/ a Yelp for drugs, including MD star ratings (like all other products)."

A yelp for Drugs? Is this where we are headed? What can we do moving forward?

The theme for 2017 is stay woke. Take your health and nutrition seriously, do your own research and do your best to go natural; natural products, natural foods, Holistic Doctors and natural and holistic medicines as much as possible.

Seek second and third opinions when taking prescription drugs and focus on proactive care for you and your family. This means eating well, exercising, and taking care of your emotional health. Drug companies will be banging at your door with cures for this and remedies for that. But if you stay healthy; you ain’t gotta get healthy.




  • Tianna Shenae
    Mon, 23 Jan 2017
    I always wondered myself how they could possibly be the Food and Drug Administration too! Smh Until you realize they mean Food IN Drugs Administration smh Damn shame majority of what we ingest is poison smh