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November is Coming.

November is Coming.

Tue 09 Oct, 2018

Well after the shit show last week that was the Supreme Court nomination of right wing sexual assault predator Brett Kavanaugh to the bench, you best believe we must show up as a people and remove the unconscionable mutha fuckas who put him here: The Republican Senators in Congress.   Sometimes it’s hard to pay […] read more
Eddie Griffin Lauds Bradley Cooper’s Directorial Debut in: A Star is Born

Eddie Griffin Lauds Bradley Cooper’s...

Thu 27 Sep, 2018

September 24 – Eddie Griffin attended the Los Angeles premier of the new Bradley Cooper film, A Star Is Born, starring Cooper and Lady Gaga.  This romantic motion picture musical drama tells the story of a seasoned musician (Bradley Cooper) who discovers and falls in love with struggling artist Ally (Gaga). Griffin told the Los […] read more
Fahrenheit 11/9 Premiers September 21

Fahrenheit 11/9 Premiers September 21

Thu 20 Sep, 2018

Oscar winner Michael Moore’s new documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 is getting great reviews. It is a provocative and comedic look at the times in which we live. It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump Era: How the f**k did we get here, and how the f**k do we get out? It’s the […] read more
Democracy Under Attack: Check Your Voter Registration Status

Democracy Under Attack: Check Your...

Fri 14 Sep, 2018

Ohio’s voter registration laws are corrupt.  We must fight back! Registered voters are being involuntarily denied their right to vote due to “inactivity.” WTF does “inactivity” mean?  Well, it doesn’t just mean not voting for two years.  It can mean not filing out a change of address form, not responding to a notice, casting a […] read more
Voter Suppression Is Warping Democracy

Voter Suppression Is Warping Democracy

Mon 10 Sep, 2018

A new survey from The Atlantic and the Public Religion Research Institute shows that black and Hispanic citizens are more likely than whites to face barriers at the polls—and to fear the future erosion of their basic political rights. Casting a ballot is the best opportunity most of us will ever get to have a […] read more
UNDENIABLE TOUR: Saudi Arabia and Kuwait

UNDENIABLE TOUR: Saudi Arabia and...

Sat 25 Aug, 2018

The Undeniable Tour is coming to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait this fall. We’re at the Sunset Beach Resort in Al Khobar October 24, the King Fahad Cultural Centre in Riyadh October 25, The Red Sea Mall in Jeddah October 26, and the Kuwait Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait City on October 27. Tickets are available […] read more
Rest in Power Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul for Eternity

Rest in Power Aretha Franklin...

Fri 17 Aug, 2018

Musical Legend Aretha Franklin died Thursday August 16, 2018 in her home in Detroit surrounded by friends and family.  The Queen may be gone but her legacy will live forever. Many remember her unmatched genius as a singer, composer and musician, but her contribution to the struggle for equality must never be forgotten. In the […] read more
Eddie Griffin Releases Comedy Special  “Undeniable” Internationally

Eddie Griffin Releases Comedy Special...

Mon 06 Aug, 2018

LAS VEGAS –– Actor and comedy legend, Eddie Griffin, has launched an international release of his acclaimed special, “Eddie Griffin: Undeniable,” exclusively on Vimeo On Demand. The hilarious 70-minute stand-up comedy special reflects on Griffin’s long-standing career incorporating hysterical one-liners and popular impersonations all while paying tribute to close friends and late comedians Charlie Murphy, […] read more
Eddie Griffin Celebrates a Milestone Birthday

Eddie Griffin Celebrates a Milestone...

Thu 26 Jul, 2018

Team Griffin, A week ago I celebrated a milestone birthday with my friends, family, and some of my loved ones here In Las Vegas.  Birthdays always remind me not to take anything for granted and to keep focused on the things and people who really matter. Thank you to my team, and to my fans […] read more
We Need to Impeach Donald Trump

We Need to Impeach Donald...

Fri 20 Jul, 2018

The man has committed treason against the United States.  Instead of talking about it let’s be about it. An online petition started by Billionaire Activist Ted Steyer says Congress needs to impeach Trump. His Grassroots organization, Need to Impeach, has been signed by over 5 million people. Let’s get it 10 million. Impeachment is a […] read more

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