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The Only Thing You Need to Know About Impeachment

The Only Thing You Need...

Tue 15 Oct, 2019

The latest polls are in Team Griffin and America is waking up. Over half of the American population wants to see Trump impeached —  and removed from office.   Even his army is turning against him. Even the most racist bigot of a Trump supporter who is still a patriot will agree….snitches get proverbial stitches. The genocide happening to our […] read more
How Urban Gardens are Saving the Planet

How Urban Gardens are Saving...

Tue 08 Oct, 2019

Look Team Griffin; we are in an environmental and social climate that quite bluntly is fckd up! We are in danger of extinction if we don’t start to give a real active fck about our communities and how we treat the planet. If you are looking for a way to give back and be the change locally, […] read more
Whistleblow While You Work

Whistleblow While You Work

Fri 27 Sep, 2019

Praise the Lord! Trump Impeachment Underway! FINALLY! Team Griffin I can’t write this blog fast enough because the Orange Avenger keeps dropping a dime on himself every 15 minutes. If you blink you might miss it. The Democrats are moving fast and they believe the “future of democracy” is at stake. First shots were fired […] read more
NASA’s Search for Habitable Planets Continues

NASA’s Search for Habitable Planets...

Mon 09 Sep, 2019

Don’t be so quick to laugh at NASA’s mission to find other habitable planets cause fuck, if Trump is re-elected, we need somewhere else to go…  Okay, gon’ laugh cause we know that’s not happening; but still, NASA is discovering new planets that might support human life. The Kepler mission discovered a planet about 10 […] read more
Mother Earth’s Lungs Are on Fire

Mother Earth’s Lungs Are on...

Tue 27 Aug, 2019

Listen up Team Griffin, this is serious. I’mma make it short and sweet.  The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is on mother fuckin fire. This year it’s burning down faster than it has in the last five years combined.  The fires are illegally being started by private interest groups and farmers. Why should you care? Because the Amazon […] read more
Justice for All

Justice for All

Tue 20 Aug, 2019

Ok Team Griffin, do not be distracted by people committing suicide while on suicide watch.. that is a purposeful distraction from the White House targeting LEGAL immigrants. You heard me right, the White House has put people in their proverbial crosshairs who were born here or have ALL their legal immigration status paperwork signed sealed […] read more
Honoring Our Sacred Queen: Toni Morrison

Honoring Our Sacred Queen: Toni...

Tue 13 Aug, 2019

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.”   -Toni Morrison There are really no words to describe […] read more
The Debates and Why Democrats are Passionate About Black Issues

The Debates and Why Democrats...

Tue 06 Aug, 2019

I don’t know if you noticed Team Griffin, but the democratic debates are full of Black Issues, African American Issues, and Issues regarding people of color. Whatever the verbiage or sugar coating being used, politicians seem all of the sudden to be concerned about black and brown issues and oppression. Now don’t get it twisted, […] read more
You Got To Pay Us!

You Got To Pay Us!

Sun 07 Jul, 2019

Thank Black Baby Jesus, the Jesus whom this country’s ideals claim to be founded upon – these mutha fuckas may finally be at least talking about actin’ right. Reparations for the descendants and immediate family of slaves is in talks amongst congress and many 2020 Presidential candidates. Now Team Griffin it’s just in talks, but […] read more
SLS Las Vegas  Becomes the Iconic Sahara

SLS Las Vegas Becomes...

Mon 01 Jul, 2019

LAS VEGAS, NV — On Thursday June 27, 2019, The SLS Las Vegas announced a name change back to the Sahara Las Vegas, bringing the iconic hotel name back to the Strip.  Comedian and Actor Eddie Griffin joined owner Alex Meruelo, the Meruelo Family, Nic Cannon and other VIP guests on the red carpet for […] read more

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