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7 ways to Truly Support Black History Month

Tue 12 Feb, 2019

 7 ways to Truly Support Black History Month

Whether you are African American or not, Black History month is the perfect time to dive deep into black culture and honor the impact black people have made on the planet. While for some of us it may be tempting to get complacent and not really reflect on how far we have come and how much we have accomplished, we have to remember a few things:

1. Children are being born into this fucked up political climate everyday and it is our duty to equip them for the future.

2. You can never stop learning and growing, if you ain’t growing you dead.

3. It’s also our duty to honor our ancestors and their hard work and that duty never expires.

Keeping those things in mind, I’ve done the homework for you and compiled a list of fresh and traditional ways you can honor our vibrant community not just this month but also all year long. 7 simple but effective ways to support the culture.

1. Shop Black – Commit to buying gifts, necessities, and clothing from black owned businesses. Now this is something we should always practice but an amazing way to really show love during Black History Month. Get your dollar rotating in the community. Support your friends business, your neighborhood market. Help your community thrive.

2. Visit and Donate to African American Museums – These establishments represent the frontline for preserving our identity and impact on history. We have to keep them alive. So visit, become a member if you can. Black museums are few, but such a pillar in the culture.

3. Study and Support as much of the African Diaspora as possible – Its easy to focus on African Americans, but there are also so many black people spanning the globe that come from the motherland, so many different cultures and ways of being. So many different takes on food and art. Let us educate ourselves on more than just ourselves, step out and learn about a new piece of yourself through your brothers and sisters.

4. Start a Black History Month Group Chat – This is a current and fun way to connect with your friends and family around Black History Month. Prompt a group chat with interested parties and maybe even uninterested parties and try to engage them. Send each other facts, quotes, articles, and music. Challenge one another to share as much as possible. So now you are not only learning you are building community, which is really what we need.

5. Mentor a Youth – Take on mentoring a youth or someone less knowledgeable than yourself and commit to elevating their wisdom this month. Not just on facts, but around issues of identity. And how to thrive and succeed in America while being black. Hear their experiences and share yours. Set a goal to help uplift and transform their life by the end of the month.

6. Support African American Non-Profits – There’s no shortage of African-American charities that you can give to, but which one should you choose?

When in doubt, go for the cause the speaks most to you. For instance, if you’re a techie, donate to Black Girls Code, which encourages more black women to join the tech industry. Pay homage by paying it forward this Black History Month.

7. Talk! – Strike up conversations whenever you can, be open, share your knowledge and receive others wisdom. The more we normalize these conversations among ourselves and other cultures the more we can begin to experience the freedom and equality we desire in this country. We have to start in our own homes, work places, and neighborhoods. That’s where we can begin to influence change as individuals that can spread to impact the planet.

Stay Woke Team Griffin. Happy Black History Month.


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