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7 Tips to a Long Life for African American Men

Mon 20 May, 2019

 7 Tips to a Long Life for African American Men

This one is for my brothers now. Ladies I will get to you next. Too many of us are dying, or crumbling too soon, and this has got to stop. We have to take better care of ourselves now, not down the line when it’s too damn late.

“According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the life expectancy of African-American men is lower than that of many other ethnic groups. Medical professionals attribute this disparity to the various health issues that strongly impact this population, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease, to name a few.”

Now some of this shit is not our fault. This is also due to the lack of black physicians in the field. And you can’t  blame us for not trusting the advice of a white man in a white coat — that’s a lot of white, and we don’t have the best history in this country with the white man. Studies have actually shown we are substantially more likely to listen to the advice of a black doctor as compared to a white doctor. Unfortunately, this means many of us don’t end up getting the proper care we should. So lets’ take time to focus on 7 ways we can beat this health epidemic among black men and live a long prosperous life!

Find a doctor you trust and listen.

This is where we are fucking up, we don’t trust that the advice we are given by our doctor is for us and our kind so we do what we want. Now listen, you may be right about some of these doctors, but not all of them. If you can find a black doctor you trust do it. Otherwise, find any doctor you trust and listen! Get a referral if that helps. Do your research, but once you reach a certain age you may need input.

Don’t sleep on it brothers. It’s for the best! Listen to a professional when the time comes and is needed.

Eat a melanin plant based diet.

Not everything in the grocery store is right for your black ass. Different people and ethnicities digest and process foods at different rates — if they can digest them at all. Know your blood type, know your DNA and eat accordingly! Start now. This will save you from so many unnecessary diseases and bullshit.

Nigga I know you ain’t still eating processed sugar.

Come on, we know better, yet the percentage of us with diabetes is still through the roof. Put that damn Strawberry Fanta down. Drink some water. Some juice is okay if there is no added sugar. You have options.

Leave white carbs alone.

White carbs just turn into processed sugar and fat. We don’t even digest them well. They fuck up our digestion and the acidity levels in our bodies. They are just as bad as the Strawberry Fanta.

Give up or cut back on coffee.

Coffee is way too acidic. Acidity creates chaos with your alkaline levels and that leads to a cancerous environment and we don’t need that. Drink tea instead. Drink alkaline water — as much as you can afford. 

Now I know alkaline water can be expensive, but the benefits are worth it. It keeps your PH levels balanced and therefore helps to prevent cancer. It’s good for your bones and helping to prevent osteoporosis. It will clear up your skin from the inside out, and assist with acid reflux and diabetes. Invest in a machine, maybe with a group of people. Or fill up at your local water company.

Get seven to eight hours of sleep at night.

Sleep is when the body detoxifies and heals itself. So turn off all screens one hour before bed and let your brain wind down. Get a good night’s sleep and you can skip the coffee in the morning.


Your cardiovascular health, your skeletal health, your muscles and your nervous system need 30 minutes of continuous movement daily. The right amount of exercise on a regular basis will change your life. Running ain’t for everybody. If you have injuries, do something low impact like walking, yoga swimming or indoor cycling. Whatever you choose to do, no more excuses, move your ass!

Team Griffin, do your research. Know your blood type. Know your DNA, find out what is good for you specifically and get to it!

Don’t let the day come when you find out you have an illness you could have prevented. Your family and the community needs you, so think of the bigger picture and live a healthy life.


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